For Slack developers ready to learn and prove your skills to the world, you're in the right place.  


If you have experience developing apps for Slack, then becoming a Slack Certified Developer will let you put your skills to the test and share your credentials. You’ll be able to show the world that you have deep knowledge of Slack’s APIs and how to build an effective app within Slack. 

By getting certified, you’ll have the knowledge and skills of successful Slack Developers, leading the way to grow in your career and to change the way that organizations work together. Once you pass this exam, you will officially be a Slack Certified Developer for 18 months!

You'll be able to show off your credential to others in your organization or in the broader community of developers building on Slack's Platform.


The Slack Certified Developer Exam is designed for those who already have experience developing on Slack. We recommend that you have at least six to twelve months of experience working with Slack's APIs and you have built an app on Slack before. You should be well-versed in the Slack Platform and with how to build apps. We’re rooting for you and want you to be successful, so please make sure that you’re attempting the exam at the right time in your journey.

This program is designed to build skills and verify proficiency for Slack developers. We recommend that you already are comfortable with:

  • General Slack structure and usage
  • Slack apps and their components
  • Reading and creating JSON objects
  • Web APIs and event-based API protocols (JSON over HTTP and, to a lesser extent, WebSockets)
  • At least one programming language (we typically see developers use NodeJS, Python or Java to build Slack apps but any language that can send/receive HTTP API calls will work)
  • Developing and deploying a web application (for example, to a cloud service provider)

For those with less experience, or for anyone who wants to build these skills in preparation for the exam, we recommend you take the Slack Certified Developer Prep Course.

About the exam
Exam format: 60 Multiple Choice questions
Time allotted: 90 Minutes
Passing score: 65%
Exam registration fee: USD $150 (also available as a $300 package with the Slack Certified Developer Prep Course)
Exam delivery method: Online proctored 
Prerequisites: While there are no prerequisites, we recommend that you take the Slack Certified Developer Prep Course to prepare for the exam.
Language: English

NOTE: To access the online prep course and the certification exam you will be required to submit payment. The above cost covers the registration fee, access to online training content for six months, access to the online prep course, the certificate exam, plus one additional exam attempt if you fail the first time, and a digital credential once you successfully pass the exam.


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